Frequently Asked Questions

Before you book, whilst you await my attendance and even after a job you might have some questions and some of the most common questions that I get asked can be found on this page.

Pricing & Fees

At the moment I will install; nest, hub, hive, Lyric T6(R), Salus iT500 and the Netatmo for a fixed fee (See relevant pages for current prices) subject to some basic terms and conditions which are available on request. The system must be in full working order and the thermostat must be either relacing an existing wired thermostat or will be installed in a wire-free fasion. The fixed fee does not include any sub-surface cabling or running of cables to thermostat locations.

I accept all major chip & pin cards. VISA, Mastercard, AMEX, VPay & Maestro. I also accept ApplePay and where available Android Pay. Cash is of course accepted but in our cashless society the choice is yours (I prefer not to accept cash payments for larger values due to personal security). Card payments are processed by SumUp.

Yes, I am now open to accept certain "Crypto" currencies for labour payments. More information can be found here along with details on rates and specifics on my acceptance of these new currencies.

Unfortunately due to some bad experiences, I do not offer post pay terms. If you would like me to undertake an installation for you at a property that you will not be present for to make the payment, then you are more than welcome to submit the payment in advance by credit/debit card over the phone. There will be a £1f initial over-charge when opting for this method to cover parking, this will be refunded on completion of the works where a refund is due.

Please contact me for specifics, but a standard heating system rewire (Excluding sub-surface runs) for a single/two zone S or Y plan system will be around £150 or for a basic combinatiom boiler initial wire-up around £65 plus parking and possibly some additional materials depending on what products you have and the way that they have been installed. For underfloor heating, multiple smart thermostats or anything else heating wiring related, just contact me for a price.

Parking fees are not included in any quoted rates, if you live in a permit parking zone, please book an appointment outside the zone's active period or ensure you have a visitors permit available. Should you need me to "Pay to Park" using a service like RingGo/PayByPhone, this will be added to your final fee on completion at the rate charged to the next nearest hour.

Please be aware that I do not cover addresses inside the Greater London Congestion Charge zone as it's just not practical or financially viable to offer my service in this area. Unfortunately my postcode checker is not yet able to identify whether or not your address will be in this zone.

When you need more than one thermostat fitting, please contact me as prices will vary and where possible, a discount for multiple units will be made available. As most manufacturer's supply their units in boxes of 4 or 5, a larger discount can be offered for these larger orders.

Yes, if you'd like to create a group buy please contact me. Group buys are available for 3+ orders in one area, all booked at the same time. A discount can be negotiated and applied for all of the installations to take place. Installations must all be within a 10 mile radius.

Boilers & Existing Controls

Gas, oil and LPG boilers are all suitable for works booked in by myself. I also work on electric boilers and HIUs. This includes all combination boilers and more traditional heating and hot water systems. The only systems I do not work on are electric raditors and underfloor electric matting systems.

Yes, I am Gas Safe Registered (#600662) and am fully qualified to carry out work within the appliance casing and central heating wiring from the fused spur.

Yes, I am happy to work on all existing OpenTherm enabled boilers and systems. I am also able to upgrade and retrofit OpenTherm controllers and interface modules. Please contact me regarding your requirements and existing setup should you wish to confirm OpenTherm compatibility.

No, I am happy to work on many older pieces of kit where integration is possible. However it should be noted that you may not get the best from the smart control upgrade when it comes to overall efficiency. Most smart products can work with gravity type systems and I am happy to undertake the conversion wiring. All I require is that your system and appliance is in a safe, working condition.

No, in your current systems setup, Honeywell SmartFit is not compatible and will require exchange of the zoning valves to more modern, universal equivalents. You should budget around £450 for this work to be done in addition to your smart tech.

Of course you can and I strongly recommend it. Any existing controls that are removed as part of the installation are yours to keep. I'll happily dispose of them if you want, but should you ever want to go back to normal controls, it's nice to have your old kit ready to simply wire back in.

Yes, if you rent a property and would like the controls upgrade wired in a way to allow really simple removal, then just let me know and I will make sure your cables are left long enough to facilitate connecting back onto the old control gear. Likewise, if you would like a de-installation of smart controls and you have a working set of standard controls, I charge £65 if I didn't do the upgrade or £50 if I carried out the original upgrade to smart controls.

That's easy, just contact me when you are at home and are in front of your system. I will ask some basic questions as to what it is you want fitted, what fuel, boiler and system type you have. You don't need to be a heating engineer as I will walk you through the process of identifying the system that you have and whether or not you will be compatible.

Not a problem, just let me know in advance as I like to know what it is I am walking into.


No, my service is exclusively for the diagnostic and rectification of faults associated with heating and hot water controls that are Internet enabled. Although I can diagnose all sorts of faults, my speciality lies within the narrow bracket of smart tech and as such, if you have an issue with your physical boiler or something non-smart enabled, I will be unable to assist but can probably point you in the direction of someone that can help you.

If you have altered the existing controls wiring when trying to install the product yourself, you may require some additional work to undo the attempt. There is no fixed fee for this correction work and will be handled on a case-by-case basis and using the pricing available on my Rate Calculator. Just be warned, if you tried to power a smart stat up wrong, you could damage it and/or your boiler... Where this is the case, you will likely have to treat yourself to another new smart product as no warranty can cover situations like this.

It is very important to tell me if you have started to install and something went wrong before I attend, as I reserve the right not to install in these situations.

No problem, simply get in touch with as much informtation as possible about what is going on and I will see what advice I can offer remotely. Worst case scenario I can come out and have a look. I do not offer a fixed fee for this kind of work, however you can calculate the cost of a potential visit using my Rate Calculator. If the unit has been damaged due to the work already undertaken, be prepared, you may need a new smart stat as no warranty in the world will cover over peoples mistakes, especially those that call themselves professionals.

It is very important to tell me if you have started to install and something went wrong before I attend, as I reserve the right not to install in these situations.


Monday to Friday (Excluding Wednesdays) between 4 & 7 in the evening. Saturday and Sunday between 8 & 9 in the morning, 12 & 2 in the afternoon. There is an additional slot available on Saturday between 4 & 7. Please note that Wednesday nights are often unavailable due to me spending some time with my family, but please check with me or via the booking system.

If it's before the day of the appointment, just drop an email to inf[email protected], login and manage your booking online or send me a text/give me a call on 01462 60 70 80. If you need to cancel or reschedule on the same day of the appointment, please call me or drop a text to 01462 60 70 80. Don't worry, I certainly won't be offended and I'd much rather know before making the drive than knocking on a door that will never get answered.

My online booking system allows you to book online for the next 14 days, however if you contact me, you can book upto 30 days in advance. I have an availability checker here which shows my future appointments and gives a general guide to my availability in the future.

I drive a medium sized van (Vivaro/Transit sized) and will require parking within a reasonable distance to your property. If you live in a parking restricted zone, I will require a visitors permit. If you have underground parking, please ensure it has a height capacity of 2.3m, where paid parking is utilised, this will be added to your final due amount. If you have no local parking, please phone me on 01462 60 70 80 to discuss further options.

If you want me to be at your property at a specific time rather than during a specific time window, then let me know. I cannot guarantee my arrival time due to traffic, parking and everything else that goes on in this crazy world, but am happy to oblidge where possible. Likewise, if you do not get in from work say until 6pm, I am often happy to make the slot 6-7 instead of 4-7 as this often works out well for traffic and parking.

Anywhere between 1 and 3hrs as it depends on your home, your heating system and what product you are having fitted. It can also be affected by the person who originally installed the system as no 2 systems are ever the same and likewise, how good your technical and computer skills are; I'm happy to spend a bit longer explaining and walking you through everything as needed.

When I am away or really busy, I have a colleague step in and help out. You'll always be informed through the booking process when an "alternate engineer" is being sent out as there are some minor differences. However they are like me, fully qualified heating engineers with several years of experience behind them.


I offer 12 months warranty on my labour and sundries. Thermostats come with varying warranty periods ranging from 12 months to 5yrs. Thermostat warranty requests should be referred back to the manufacturer of the unit. Should you have any difficulties, just give me a call and I will help out as best as I can. Warranty visits will be handled as high priority, but will be booked during my normal appointment slots at evening and weekends only.

My warranty and service is specifically related to your heating controls and in particular smart thermostats and their wiring, it does not cover your physical heating or hot water system. If you are having issues, feel free to contact me and I will happily confirm whether or not it is likely to be a controls issue. If it's a boiler/appliance issue then you will need to seek help from an alternative provider.

Contact the manufacturer of the thermostat or give me a call and I can help walk you through it. If the thermostat has failed and you have no heating or hot water, I can attend to bypass the thermostat to get you a temporary supply if the manufacturer is unable to walk you through this process over the phone. However, if your thermostat was installed outside my core area, there may be a small charge applied to cover additional travel in this scenario.

Random Questions

I never thought I would ever write an FAQ where this question would arise, but I can guarantee this gets asked every other job maybe... And the answer is that I have a nest thermostat controlling my downstairs and a Honeywell evoHome setup upstairs controlling my bedroom radiators... It's complicated as to why, but ask a decorator why they haven't quite finished decorating their own house and you'll get kind of a similar answer.

Me, mrStat made the website himself. And no, I do not have the time to make a website for you.

For the techies that then push this question, the booking software, client management and product registration systems are also all custom-coded by my own hand. They have been vetted by a IT security professional to ensure data security and compliancy with current legislation.