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evoHome is an ever growing range of home control products from one of the biggest control companies out there, Honeywell. This is not a techie product, it's a practical one. If you want a simple to use system to fine tune everything about your heating installation. evoHome will probably tick the list.

It has the ability to natively control heating zones as well as individual radiators, hot water and wet underfloor heating systems. Along with this, there are a selection of products to help achieve this goal, from simple wall stats to the all encompassing main evoHome head unit screen. Much better suited to larger systems, but can easily be fitted to smaller homes as well.

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Manufacturer's Website: .
Thermostat Material: Plastic
Available Colours: White
Phone/Tablet Control: Yes
Thermostat Control: Yes
Website Control: No
Auto-Scheduling: No
Home Optimisation: Yes
Geofencing: No
Weather Reports: No
OpenTherm Support: Yes (With additional controller)
Operating Platforms: Android / IOS
Hot Water Control: Yes (With additional controller)
Energy Monitoring: Yes
3rd Party Integration: Yes, limited access protocol
Multi-Zone Support: Yes, including radiator control
Power Requirements: Mains power for the head unit, AA batteries for accessories. In wall power adapter available.
Internet Connection: Wifi
Warranty: 1 Year Manufacturer (Limited)

All specifications were correct at time of writing, due to the nature of smart controls, features get added frequently (and unfortunately, sometimes removed), please check with the manufacturer or directly with myself if you specifically require a certain feature. I try to keep these feature lists updated as regularily as I can and if you notice an error, please let me know.