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Heatmiser Neo is the latest offering from underfloor controls specialist Heatmiser. A well made, simple smart thermostat that has plenty of scope when it comes to compatibility from wired to battery powered with several colour variants and bright LED display. This is the perfect smart thermostat for those with complex underfloor or mixed source heating systems.

It is ideal for underfloor heating scenarios and can control underfloor (Wet and electric), hot water and radiator circuits.

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Heatmiser Neo comes in several key variants as well as a large selection of additional accessories:

This is the basic requirement for standard radiator or single zone control and consists of a single thermostat with the industry standard 240v switching capability.

An upgraded version of the Neo, the NeoAir is a wireless thermostat and receiver enabling the thermostat to be portable on a stand or fixed to a wall or surface, ideal for those without existing thermostat cabling.

Where you have electric underfloor, perhaps for an en-suite or bathroom, the NeoE has the addition of high amperage switching and an in-floor sensor to allow control of electric mat underfloor heating.

Neo Hub
Of course you cannot have a smart thermostat without internet access and the hub makes the link between the inside world and the outside. The hub requires a power supply and spare ethernet port to your Internet connection.

Thermostat Material: Plastic with LCD screen
Available Colours: Blue screen, white, grey or black bezel
Phone/Tablet Control: Yes
Thermostat Control: Yes, including scheduler
Website Control: Yes
Auto-Scheduling: No
Home Optimisation: Yes
Geofencing: Yes
Weather Reports: Yes... Sketchy
OpenTherm Support: No
Operating Platforms: Android / IOS / Website
Hot Water Control: Yes, requires add on NeoHW
Energy Monitoring: Yes
3rd Party Integration: Yes
Multi-Zone Support: Yes, upto 32 zoHMI with additional units
Power Requirements: AA batteries for the thermostat(s)
Internet Connection: Ethernet port, power required
Warranty: 2 Year, direct to manufacturer

All specifications were correct at time of writing, due to the nature of smart controls, features get added frequently (and unfortunately, sometimes removed), please check with the manufacturer or directly with myself if you specifically require a certain feature. I try to keep these feature lists updated as regularily as I can and if you notice an error, please let me know.

Combination Boilers
Yes. Compatible with all UK combi boilers.

Normal gas boilers with hot water tank
Yes. Traditional S and Y plan systems are easily converted unless you have a specialist controls pack like the "Honeywell SmartFit" system. Additionally gravity systems can also be controlled through the software and as such there is no major re-wiring to get gravity systems to function correctly.

Oil boilers with or without hot water tank
Yes. Depending on the oil boiler in question, I personally advise a seperate switching relay as the unit only has a 3amp switching circuit and some oil boilers can pull a 5amp current which could damage the HMIt in some situations. See also the above note on gas systems with tank regarding system design.

Warm air
Not officially supported for the UK market, however the unit will work fine in most cases.

Heat interface units & district systems
Yes. As long as you have independant control of your heating system, then Hive should be compatible.

Electric heating
Only underfloor matting. Storage and panel heaters are not supported by this unit.

Internet requirements
An "always-on" broadband connection will be required with spare ethernet port near your router and spare 240v plug socket within close proximity.