HUB Controller

The heating controller that shows your costs

installation only

supplied & fitted
£245 Ordered on Request

A new addition to my range is from a small, innovative Irish start up which has produced this great little thermostat and although it's in it's early stages, it looks to be a great product that offers a full colour touch screen display and can estimate the physical costs associated with your heating consumption. My choice for landlords and those looking to take control of their heating costs.

It is a heating only controller that requires an existing wired thermostat to be present.

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Unlike many of it's competitors, the HUB controller can be a bit of a compatibility nightmare as it does require you to already have an existing wired thermostat already in a suitable location that has wires in a servicable condition.

The HUB unit itself only requires two wires running back to the boiler and doesn't need any additional boxes or components, cleverly charging itself from the live wire to the thermostat and providing an additional switched live output. For those with good electrical knowledge, this thermostat does not require a neutral or earth path, hence only two wires are required and as such, it can replace both traditional thermostats and battery powered display switching thermostats.

Please contact me direct regarding installation of the unit and compatibility as it is only suitable for locating in specific places due to the design of it's backplate... However, if you don't mind a little bit of redecoration on completion, this thermostat is a serious contender with a future that looks very promising.

Thermostat Material: Hard rubber outer sheaf with TFT LCD resistive touch screen
Available Colours: Black w/silver inner trim
Phone/Tablet Control: Yes
Thermostat Control: Yes
Website Control: Yes
Auto-Scheduling: Yes
Home Optimisation: Yes
Geofencing: Yes
Weather Reports: No
OpenTherm Support: No
Operating Platforms: Android / IOS / Website
Hot Water Control: No
Energy Monitoring: Yes with cost control
3rd Party Integration: No
Multi-Zone Support: Yes, with extra units
Power Requirements: In wall from the CH system
Internet Connection: Wifi
Warranty: 2 Years standard

All specifications were correct at time of writing, due to the nature of smart controls, features get added frequently (and unfortunately, sometimes removed), please check with the manufacturer or directly with myself if you specifically require a certain feature. I try to keep these feature lists updated as regularily as I can and if you notice an error, please let me know.

Requires wired thermostat
The HUB requires an existing wired thermostat to be present for upgrading.

Combination Boilers
Yes. Compatible with all UK combi boilers.

Normal gas boilers with hot water tank
Yes. Traditional S and Y plan systems are easily updated unless you have a specialist controls pack like the "Honeywell SmartFit" system. Additionally gravity systems can also be controlled.

Oil boilers with or without hot water tank
Yes. see above regarding system design.

Warm air
Yes, although not specifically stated by the manufacturer, it will work fine, however the unit may require an additional relay to prevent damage to the unit's 3amp switching relay.

Heat interface units & district systems
Yes. As long as you have independant control of your heating system, then the unit should be compatible.

Electric heating
Technically, it's not officially supported for the UK market, however, like most things in this world it does depend on your system as the unit is compatible with electric boilers and doesn't normally require any special components, but for panel or underfloor mat systems some modifications may be required and you should call me to discuss the type of system you have. Unfortunately, if you have electric storage heaters, there is not a compatible smart stat on the market.

Internet requirements
An "always-on" broadband connection will be required with a wifi Internet connection broadcasting on the 2.4Ghz frequency, 5Ghz is not yet supported.

Fixed Fee Installation Service

In order to take advantage of my fixed installation fee, the following requirements apply:

  1. You must have a working heating and hot water system with a fully working boiler (Where applicable).
  2. Your heating system wiring (incl boiler and cylinder where applicable) must be accessible.
  3. The existing wiring must be in a safe, functional order.
  4. All new and supplementary wiring will be run surface to a maximum cable length of 5m.
  5. The thermostat is not included in the price (Except where purchase is indicated).
  6. The HUB must be replacing an existing wired wall thermostat that has at least two cores.
  7. Relocation of a wired thermostat is excluded.
  8. Redecoration is not included in any price.