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tado° is a well established product in the smart heating market and it's online images do not do it justice, the physcial hardware has a very nice feel to it and is rarely noticed when it's on the wall. It can be a bit slow to respond from cloud commands and when the Internet goes down, the interface is quite hard to work around, however it's a great all rounder and what issues it does have, it makes up for in day to day reliability and operation.

The product can extended to control your hot water and provides smart radiator valves for fine grain control of your home's heating system.

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The tado° thermostat is designed to be installed on a wall. The thermostat has been designed to be as flexible as possible which means that the options available can be a bit confusing, so I'm going to walk you through it below:

Stand-Alone Mode
If you have an existing wired thermostat that works and you are happy with the location of the existing thermostat. You won't be able to control your hot water, but will get smart heating. This is the simplest type of tado° installation. Your existing thermostat simply gets replaced with the tado° and you wire the "bridge" unit into a spare ethernet port on your Internet router and plug the bridge into a spare socket... This type of install is actually suitable for most competant DIY dare-devils, however if you want a pro to help, then I'll also by-pass any of your existing timers to ensure your tado° doesn't accidentally get switched off (Which is amazingly often). This is the right solution for combi boilers. If you plan to use the OpenTherm connection and your boiler supports it, I'd recommend you speak to a professional like myself with this experience as you can damage your boiler if you're not careful.
Typical installation duration: around 1hr.

with Extension Pack (Add around £100 for the pack)
If you have a traditional system with tank and want to control your hot water or don't currently have a working wired thermostat, then you'll be looking at the tado° extension pack. This unit replaces the existing system time clock (Or if one is not already fitted, it gets wired to where should be), the tado° thermostat gets mounted on the wall with some batteries and becomes a wireless thermostat that then talks to both your extension pack and the tado° bridge which will be plugged into your Internet router. This type of installation can vary greatly on how complex your system is and how good your original heating wiring is. It's suitable for both combination boilers where you do not have wires in your walls to an existing thermostat or more traditional systems that have a hot water tank.
Typical installation duration: around 2hrs.

with Rad Valve Controllers (Add around £60 per radiator)
So you want to take smart heating to the next level? The nice thing about tado° is that you can turn almost any existing thermostatic radiator valve into a smart radiator valve and control it from your phone. You'll need at least the extension kit (Around £80) to be wired into your heating system and then you can add a smart thermostat to each radiator for around £60 each. Of course, you do not need to control all of your radiators at once. My personal opinion is that you start your smart installation off with the main tado° thermostat and then build on it at a later date with the smart thermostats.
Typical installation duration: around 20mins per radiator, plus 1-2hrs for the extension pack to be wired if not already present.

Thermostat Material: Plastic
Available Colours: White
Phone/Tablet Control: Yes
Thermostat Control: Yes
Website Control: Yes
Auto-Scheduling: No
Home Optimisation: Yes (Subscription required for v3+)
Geofencing: Yes (Subscription required for v3+)
Weather Reports: No
OpenTherm Support: Yes
Operating Platforms: Android / IOS / Website
Hot Water Control: Yes, with extension kit
Energy Monitoring: No
3rd Party Integration: Yes
Multi-Zone Support: Yes, with extra components
Power Requirements: AA batteries for the thermostat & rad valves
Internet Connection: Ethernet port, power required
Warranty: 2 Years, limited

All specifications were correct at time of writing, due to the nature of smart controls, features get added frequently (and unfortunately, sometimes removed), please check with the manufacturer or directly with myself if you specifically require a certain feature. I try to keep these feature lists updated as regularily as I can and if you notice an error, please let me know.

Combination Boilers
Yes. Compatible with all UK combi boilers.

Normal gas boilers with hot water tank
Yes. However you will require the "extension pack" to enable hot water control (+£100). Additionally, some specialist existing controls like Honeywell SmartFit are not compatible without major component changes in your system setup.

Oil boilers with or without hot water tank
Yes. Depending on the oil boiler in question, I personally advise a seperate switching relay as the tado° only has a 3amp switching circuit and some oil boilers can pull a 5amp current which could damage the unit in some situations. See also the above note on gas systems with tank regarding system design.

Warm air
Not officially supported for the UK market, however the tado° can be adapted to fit without voiding the warranty on warm air systems.

Heat interface units & district systems
Yes. As long as you have independant control of your heating system, then tado° should be compatible without too much fuss.

Electric heating
Technically, it's not officially supported for the UK market, however, like most things in this world it does depend on your system as tado° is compatible with electric boilers and doesn't normally require any special components, but for panel or underfloor mat systems, some modifications may be required and you should call me to discuss the type of system you have. Unfortunately, if you have electric storage heaters, there is not a compatible smart stat on the market.

Internet requirements
An "always-on" broadband connection will be required with a spare ethernet port on your router.

Fixed Fee Installation Service

In order to take advantage of my fixed installation fee, the following requirements apply:

  1. You must have a working heating and hot water system with a fully working boiler (Where applicable).
  2. Your heating system wiring (incl boiler and cylinder where applicable) must be accessible.
  3. The existing wiring must be in a safe, functional order.
  4. All new and supplementary wiring will be run surface to a maximum cable length of 5m.
  5. The thermostat and/or it's extension unit is not included in the price (Except where purchase is indicated).
  6. The tado° is to replace an existing wired wall thermostat or the tado° is to be mounted utilising the extension kit and a wireless connection. Relocation of a wired thermostat is excluded.
  7. Redecoration is not included in any price.